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Charging Forward with Remea

Remea was founded in 2022, which makes us young company, but already acquiring proficiency in business of EV charging billing solutions. Check out Remea's one pager.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help to create an additional EV business charging network outside traditional EV charging network operated by traditional CPOs, where SMBs (small to medium businesses) start owing their own chargers.

Our Focus

We focus on business commercial EV charging and believe to be an important puzzle in the newly forming EV charging ecosystem of private EV chargerr challenging status quo of traditional public EV charging. We cal it lifestyle charging.

Our Solution

Our solution, digital EV charging platform enables businesses to offer eMSP - e Mobility services- EV charging to their end customer. Moreover our solution enables our partners who are building, installing or managing EV charging infrastrucutre to have a solution for EV charging service.

Our System of working with

Together our parters/channels together with their customers take over the role of CPOs (own and manage EV charging infrastrcture), while Remea takes over the management of EV charging service using its tailored made platform.


EVs powered in Slovenia

We’re proud to power over 500 end-users’s daily commute.


Charging Stations

Together with our partners, our product is available on more than 100 chargers.

10 000 kWh

delivered monthly

With our platform, our charging sessions deliver 10 MWh per month