Our Team

Meet Our Core Members

Get familiar with crucial members of Remea who are responsible for high-level managing and steering our vision towards success.
Klement Kralj
Founder & CEO
Started in E-Mobility in 2014, nurturing a passion for sustainable transport that led him to co-found Remea in 2022.
Andrej Rokavec
Co-Founder & CTO
With a decade of software development experience, he is responsible for working on creating and improving our products.
Stefani Kecman
Co-Founder & COO
Dynamic brand strategist and creative leader with experience across entrepreneurial ventures and diverse freelance work in the creative sector.
Larisa Majerič
Executive Assistant and Head of Operations
With a background in executive assistance and operations management, she efficiently supports our team while overseeing the day-to-day operations to ensure smooth functioning.
Jurij Mori
Sales Manager
With a proven track record in sales and customer relations, he leads our sales team in driving revenue growth and forging strong client partnerships.
Tjaž Gabrovšek
Configuration Technician / Engineer
With expertise in configuration management, he ensures the seamless setup and optimization of our systems, enhancing efficiency and reliability across our operations.
Nikola Mitrović
Webmaster, Frontend Developer and UI Designer
Focused on enhancing our company products and website, he combines technical prowess with design sensibilities to create user-friendly and innovative digital experiences.
Ilona Osrajnik
Legal Specialist
As our Legal Specialist, she provides expert guidance on legal matters, ensuring compliance and safeguarding our company's interests with precision and diligence.
Katja Kralj
Marketing Specialist
As our Marketing Specialist, she devises and implements strategic marketing campaigns, driving brand awareness and engagement to fuel company growth.