How It Works?

Billing & Payments Processing

At Remea, we have streamlined the payment process for commercial EV charging to ensure transparency and ease for our customers as they earn from charging. Here’s how it works.

Collecting Payments

We securely collect all payments from EV charging stations into our Stripe account.
Safe and efficient handling of all transactions
Streamlined financial management
Regular monitoring for accuracy and transparency
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Monthly Earnings Report

At month's end, we provide a detailed report of your location's total earnings.
Clear breakdown of revenue generated by your charging stations
Comprehensive and easy-to-understand format
Track and assess the performance of your EV chargers

Invoice and Settlement

You issue an invoice to us based on the monthly report, initiating the settlement process.
We transfer the reported amount to you, completing the monthly financial cycle
Quick and efficient payment processing
Streamlines the financial reconciliation for your business
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FAQs on End-User Billing and Money Refund Process

Everything you need to know about our pricing and installation. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please reach out to us at
How do I start a charging session using Remea?
To begin a charging session, simply scan the QR code at the charging station and enter your preferred payment method. A pre-authorization of €30 is automatically processed to start the charging, ensuring funds are available.
What happens to the €30 pre-authorized amount after I finish charging?
Once your charging session is complete, only the cost of the charging session is deducted from the pre-authorized amount. The remainder of the funds is returned to your account.
How long does it take for the unused pre-authorized funds to be returned?
The duration for the return of the unused pre-authorized funds depends on your chosen payment method. For debit or credit card transactions, the timeframe is also influenced by the policies of the user’s bank.
Does the refund process vary based on the payment method?
Yes, the refund process can vary based on the payment method used. Each payment method, including credit and debit cards, has its own processing times and policies regarding fund returns.
Where can I get more information if I have questions or need support?
For further assistance or inquiries about the billing and refund process, please reach out to us at Our team is ready to provide you with the support you need.
Are there any specific payment methods that have faster refund times?
The speed of the refund largely depends on the type of payment method and the user’s banking institution. Some banks may process refunds quicker than others. For specific details regarding refund times, please consult with your bank or payment provider.