Technical Specifications

Our platform is engineered to simplify the management of your EV charging stations, making operations seamless and efficient. Here’s how you can leverage its features:

OCPP Communication Protocol

Easily monitor and manage chargers compliant with the OCPP standard, facilitating straightforward remote management capabilities.

Integrated Charging Payment System

Simplify EV charging transactions with our comprehensive integrated payment system, offering customers a wide array of online payment options.

Configure Custom Pricing

Enjoy total freedom to set custom pricing that perfectly aligns with your unique business model, allowing for strategic financial planning.

Access Management

The Remea platform enables seamless user and RFID card additions, providing secure control over who can access and monitor the charging station's operation.

Real-Time Charging Data Overview

Access detailed, comprehensive real-time data on charging activities, offering valuable insights into usage patterns and performance for smarter, informed decision-making.

Monthly Report

Receive in-depth insights into your charging station's performance and usage trends with our detailed monthly reports, helping you to understand and improve your operations.