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Who is our solution for?

We focus on all kinds of businesses who want an automated and easy solution to offer commercial EV charging with best in class customer experience and service. 

Hospitality & Tourism

Elevate guest experiences with our EV charging solutions tailored for hotels, resorts, and tourist spots. Embrace sustainability seamlessly.

Business Locations and Workplaces

Good location is a uniqe asset for EV charging. Empower your business with commercial EV charging.

Parking Spots

Power up your workplace with our EV charging solutions. Empower employees for sustainable commuting.

Shopping Centres and Stores

Conveniently recharge while you shop. Our stations offer seamless charging experiences for your customers.


Any location where people stop and stay longer in their free time is suitable for commercial EV charging.

Sport & Leisures

Energize your sports venue with our EV charging stations. Provide convenience for attendees while they power up for the game or event.
Our Customers
Commercial EV Charging

Discover Our Products

At the heart of our mission to enhance the electric vehicle charging experience, we offer two innovative products designed to streamline operations for station owners and provide a seamless experience for customers. Check out our brochure.
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Scan QR: Web-based Application

Our customer facing Web App enabling best in class EV driver experience.
Web-based. No downloads.
Supports Apple Pay, Paypal...
No registration needed

Billing & Reporting Solutions

With Remea, we help you make the most of monetizing your EV charging stations.
We safely collect all payments and transactions through Stripe.
At month's end, we provide a detailed report of your location's total earnings.
Streamlined cost settlement process.
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Our Blog

Remea Insights: Customer Success Stories

Find out how our customers are monetizing their EV charging stations and why they decided to go with us.

Case Study: Hotel Grand Plaza

Hotel Grand Plaza collaborates with Remea to integrate Remea platform into EV charging stations, enhancing sustainability and guest experience. This case study highlights the hotel's commitment to innovation in sustainable hospitality practices.
Larisa Majerič
January 24, 2024
 min read

Case Study: Hotel Jama

Hotel Jama partnered with Remea to integrate Remea platform into the EV charging stations, enhancing guest experience, and promoting sustainability. This case study highlights the benefits and emphasizes the importance of sustainability in tourism.
Larisa Majerič
March 28, 2024
 min read