On-site Installation

Hub Configuration

Our professional installation ensures that your charging stations are set up correctly and provide value to your customers. This is why we charge an on-site setup fee. Please consult the location requirements below before placing an order.

Internet Connectivity

Your charger must have a stable internet connection.

Mobile Internet Signal

A minimum of 3G connectivity is essential.

OCPP 1.6j Compatibility

Ensure your charger adheres to the Open Charge Point Protocol version 1.6j.

Additional Support

In case your charger presents issues at installation or you need anything else, additional hours will be charged at €50 per hour.

On-site Installation

Promotional Price
Includes up to 2 hours on 1 location.
What’s included?
Free Online Assessment
Hub Management
Charger Setup
Billing & Reporting
Account Configuration
Custom price setup
QR code sticker
Partner Support
Purchase Installation
Prices listed do not include Value-Added Tax (VAT)

FAQs for On-site Installation and Hub Configuration

Everything you need to know about our pricing and installation. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please reach out to us at support@remea.si.
Why is there an on-site setup fee for charging station installation?
Our professional installation service ensures your charging stations are correctly set up to provide maximum value to your customers. The on-site setup fee covers the expertise and resources required for this professional installation. Please ensure you review the location requirements before placing an order to ensure a smooth installation process.
What are the internet connectivity requirements for my charger?
Your charger must have a stable internet connection to function correctly. This connection is crucial for managing and monitoring your charging station's operations and for providing real-time data and updates.
Is mobile internet connectivity sufficient for my charger?
Yes, a mobile internet connection is sufficient, provided it has a minimum of 3G connectivity. This ensures that your charger can reliably communicate with our network and deliver a consistent user experience.
What does OCPP 1.6j compatibility mean for my charger?
OCPP 1.6j compatibility means your charger adheres to the Open Charge Point Protocol version 1.6j, ensuring it can seamlessly integrate with our management and billing systems. This standardization is crucial for efficient charger operation and interoperability.
What happens if there are issues during the installation of my charger?
In case your charger presents any issues during installation, we offer additional support at €50 per hour. This ensures that any challenges are promptly addressed, and your charger is set up correctly.
What is included in the promotional price for on-site installation?
The promotional price of €165 per location/charging hub includes up to 2 hours of on-site installation for one location. This package covers a free online assessment, hub management, charger setup, billing & reporting, account configuration, custom price setup, QR code sticker, and partner support. Please note that prices listed do not include Value-Added Tax (VAT).