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Case Study: Hotel Grand Plaza

Hotel Grand Plaza collaborates with Remea to integrate Remea platform into EV charging stations, enhancing sustainability and guest experience. This case study highlights the hotel's commitment to innovation in sustainable hospitality practices.

Larisa Majerič
January 24, 2024

Hotel Grand Plaza

The Hotel Grand Plaza, a prestigious hotel with highstandards of sustainable tourism, has decided to collaborate with the company Remea, which offers an advanced platform for managing electric vehicle chargingstations. By installing charging stations in the parking lot, they aimed to provide added value to their guests, while also increasing their commitment to environmentally friendly practices. In this case study, we will examine the benefits that the Hotel Grand Plaza has achieved through the implementation of Remea's electric vehicle charging platform.


The Hotel Grand Plaza is located in an elite location in Ljubljana and boasts modernly equipped rooms and apartments offering comfort and elegance. As part of its commitment to a sustainable future and environmental care, the hotel wanted to offer its guests the option to charge their electric vehicles during their stay.

Remea offered a comprehensive solution with its charging station management platform, which includes advanced software for station management, expert engineering support, and transparent charging analysis.

The implementation of the platform proceeded smoothly, without disruptions for hotel guests. The hotel installed the platform on multiple charging stations in its parking lot. Additionally, they provided guests with easy access to information about the charging stations through our online application.


• Increased guest satisfaction: guests of the Hotel Grand Plaza were thrilled with the opportunity for easy charging of their electric vehicles during their stay at the hotel. This simplified service contributed to improving their experience and increased their loyalty.

• Environmental consciousness: by simply deciding to install charging stations, the Hotel Grand Plaza took a significant step towards a green future, and with the Remea platform, this commitment was further deepened.

• Additional revenue source: the hotel was able tooffer electric vehicle charging as an additional paid service.

• Establishment of a partnership: collaborating with Remea enabled the hotel to establish a lasting partnership with a reliable provider of electric vehicle charging management solutions.


With the implementation of Remea's electric vehicle charging platform, the Hotel Grand Plaza has successfully fulfilled its commitment to sustainable tourism while also enhancing the experience of its guests and employees. This case study highlights the importance and benefits of integrating advanced technological solutions into the hotel sector to achieve sustainable and competitive operations.

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